Pool FROG Control Dial O-Ring Set - 40k Systems (01-22-9452)





This Pool FROG Control Dial O-Ring Set - 40k Systems (01-22-9452) is perfect for any pool owner with a Pool FROG 40k System. With this essential set of parts, you can easily replacement or service your own Pool FROG system! Enjoy the convenience of being able to take care of your own pool needs without having to call a technician. Pool FROG's Control Dial O-Rings are designed to provide reliable performance and durability in all types of pool environments. These O-rings are crafted from high-grade materials that stand up to extreme temperatures and chemicals so you can enjoy a stress-free pool experience. 


  • These O-rings are perfectly designed to fit a variety of Pool FROG 40k Systems, offering peace of mind and reducing the risk of having to replace outside components.
  • The O-rings in this Pool FROG Control Dial O-Ring Set are engineered for ease of installation. They are easy to handle and make quick work of servicing your Pool FROG System. 
  • They are made with precise dimensions and other features so you can be sure that every part of your Pool FROG system is operating just as it should.
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