Leisure Time Spa 56 - Chlorinating Granules for Spa/Hot Tub 2# (22337A)





Leisure Time Spa 56 - Chlorinating Granules, available in a convenient 2-pound container with product code 22337, is an essential product for maintaining water sanitation in your spa or hot tub. Manufactured by Leisure Time, a trusted name in spa and hot tub water treatment, these chlorinating granules are designed to provide reliable and effective sanitation, ensuring that your spa or hot tub water remains clean, clear, and safe for relaxation.

Key Features:

  • Chlorinating Granules: These granules contain chlorine, a key sanitizer, and disinfectant for spa and hot tub water.
  • 2-Pound Container: Each package contains 2 pounds of chlorinating granules, offering you an ample supply for regular sanitation and water maintenance.
  • Rapid Dissolving: The granules are formulated to dissolve quickly in water, ensuring that the chlorine is evenly distributed and effective in sanitizing the water.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for use in various spa and hot tub models, this product is compatible with different water treatment methods and spa systems.
  • Preventative and Corrective: You can use this product both preventatively to maintain proper sanitation and reactively to address water quality issues in your spa.
  • Easy Application: Applying the granules is straightforward, allowing you to quickly and efficiently maintain water sanitation.


  1. Ensure that Leisure Time Spa 56 - Chlorinating Granules (Model 22337) are suitable for your spa or hot tub and the water treatment program you are following.
  2. Follow the instructions provided with your specific water treatment method or system for testing and adjusting your spa water's pH and alkalinity levels.
  3. Measure the current chlorine level in your spa or hot tub water using a reliable water testing kit.
  4. Refer to the product label for the recommended dosage of chlorinating granules based on your spa's water volume and the desired chlorine level.
  5. Apply the specified amount of granules directly to the spa water, ensuring even distribution. It's typically best to add the granules while the spa's circulation system is running.
  6. Allow the granules to dissolve and disperse in the water, which typically takes a short time.
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