GLB ALGAE-X - Algaecide, Quart 2-Pack (71100A)





The GLB Algae-X Algaecide (71100A) is a highly effective solution designed to tackle and prevent algae growth in swimming pools and spas. This 2-pack of quarts offers a powerful and convenient way to maintain clear, clean, and algae-free pool or spa water throughout the swimming season.

Key Features:

  • Algae Prevention: GLB® Algae-X is formulated to prevent the formation and growth of various types of algae in your pool or spa water.
  • 2-Pack Convenience: This product includes two quarts of algaecide, providing ample supply for multiple treatments or for use in larger pools and spas.
  • Broad-Spectrum Protection: Algae-X works against green, mustard, and black algae, ensuring comprehensive protection against different algae varieties.
  • Non-Foaming Formula: The non-foaming formula of this algaecide ensures that it won't disrupt pool water clarity or create excess foam.
  • Compatible with Various Pool Types: Algae-X is suitable for use in different types of swimming pools, including chlorine, bromine, and saltwater systems.
  • Easy Application: Applying this algaecide is a straightforward process, typically involving pouring the recommended amount directly into your pool or spa water.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Regular use of algaecide can help prevent algae growth, ensuring that your pool or spa water remains inviting and safe for swimming.
  • Water Clarity: Algae-X not only prevents algae but also contributes to water clarity, enhancing the overall appearance and quality of your pool or spa.


  1. Ensure your pool or spa water is properly balanced and within the recommended chemical parameters.
  2. Shake the algaecide bottle well before using it.
  3. Pour the appropriate amount of GLB® Algae-X Algaecide into your pool or spa water while the circulation system is running.
  4. Distribute the algaecide evenly throughout the water for thorough treatment.
  5. Regularly monitor your pool or spa water and apply algaecide as needed to maintain algae prevention.