Easycare Pooltec Winter Fall Winter Water Treatment (36664)




Fall-Winter Pool Treatment

  • All Season Algaecide
  • Water Clarifier
  • Non-Chlorine Treatment
  • Protection Lasts from fall to Spring
  • Strongly sequesters iron, copper, and manganese metals

Pooltec Fall-Winter®

Pooltec Fall-winter Treatment provides strong, lasting winter protection that outlast winterizing kits and other winter treatments. Pooltec gives your customers the assurance that their pool will be clean at spring opening. Pooltec is the only treatment that protects covered, mesh and even uncovered pools. 

How It Works

Start with a clean, balanced pool and if needed, shock pool. Pour 3/4 to one quart of pooltec Fall-Winter Treatment per 10,000 gallons at time of pool closing, along with other closing additives. 

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