20-100PPM Cyanuric Acid Graduated Test Tube (9193)





The 20-100 PPM Cyanuric Acid Graduated Test Tube (9193) is an essential tool for pool and spa owners, service professionals, and technicians. This graduated test tube is designed to assist in the accurate measurement of cyanuric acid levels in swimming pool and spa water. Cyanuric acid, also known as stabilizer or conditioner, helps protect chlorine from the degrading effects of sunlight, ensuring effective pool sanitation.

Key Features:

  • Cyanuric Acid Testing: This graduated test tube is specifically designed for measuring cyanuric acid levels in pool and spa water, ensuring that the concentration remains within the recommended range.
  • Range of 20-100 PPM: The test tube is calibrated to measure cyanuric acid levels between 20 and 100 parts per million (PPM), which is the ideal range for most swimming pools.
  • Graduated Scale: The test tube features a graduated scale, allowing for precise and easy-to-read measurements of cyanuric acid concentrations.
  • Simple and Accurate: Testing cyanuric acid levels is a straightforward process using this graduated test tube, and it provides accurate results to help you maintain proper water balance.
  • Transparent Construction: The test tube is typically made of clear, durable plastic, allowing you to clearly observe the color changes during the testing process.
  • Routine Maintenance: Regular testing of cyanuric acid levels is essential for pool water balance and the effectiveness of chlorine or other sanitizing agents.
  • Compact and Portable: This test tube is compact and easy to transport, making it a convenient tool for on-site water testing.
  • Compatible with Cyanuric Acid Reagents: To conduct the test, you will need cyanuric acid reagents (sold separately), which can be added to the water sample within the test tube.


  1. Collect a water sample from your pool or spa using the graduated test tube.
  2. Add the appropriate cyanuric acid reagents to the water sample, following the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Mix the reagents with the water sample to induce a chemical reaction, typically resulting in a color change.
  4. Compare the color of the water sample to the graduated scale on the test tube to determine the cyanuric acid concentration.
  5. Based on the measurement, take necessary actions to adjust cyanuric acid levels if they fall outside the desired range for your specific pool type.

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