GLB® SWAMP TO SWIM - Shock Kit, 3.9LB Kit (71225A)





The GLB® Swamp to Swim Shock Kit (71225A) is a powerful and comprehensive solution for transforming and rejuvenating your swimming pool or spa water. This shock treatment kit is specially designed to tackle challenging pool water conditions, including pools that may have turned cloudy, green, or murky. With its effective shock treatment, it helps bring your pool from a less-than-ideal state back to crystal-clear and safe swimming conditions.

Key Features:

  • Complete Shock Treatment: The kit includes all the essential shock treatment products needed to restore and revitalize your pool or spa water.
  • Algae and Bacteria Control: This shock kit effectively combats algae and harmful bacteria, which may cause water discoloration or odors.
  • Clarifying Agent: The kit features a clarifying agent that helps remove suspended particles and debris from the water, improving water clarity.
  • Oxidizing Power: The shock treatment has powerful oxidizing properties that eliminate contaminants and organic material, restoring water quality.
  • Chlorine Boost: The kit includes a chlorine boost to ensure proper sanitation and disinfection, making the water safe and enjoyable for swimming.
  • Easy Application: The kit is designed for user-friendly application, and detailed instructions are typically provided to guide you through the shock treatment process.
  • Suitable for Pools and Spas: The kit can be used for both swimming pools and spas, making it a versatile solution for various water features.
  • Quick and Effective: Depending on the severity of your pool's condition, this shock treatment kit can yield noticeable results in a relatively short time.
  • Restores Water Quality: Whether your pool has turned cloudy, green, or otherwise uninviting, the Swamp to Swim Shock Kit is a key tool for bringing back the sparkle and cleanliness to your pool or spa.


  1. Refer to the included instructions provided with the kit for specific usage guidelines.
  2. Test your pool or spa water to assess its current condition, including chlorine levels, pH, and other relevant parameters.
  3. Apply the shock treatment products as directed in the instructions, typically by spreading them evenly across the pool water.
  4. Allow the shock treatment to circulate and work its magic, which may involve running the pool pump and filtration system.
  5. Re-test your water quality as needed, and follow any additional recommendations provided to complete the water restoration process.
  6. Once the water quality has been restored and is within desired parameters, your pool or spa is ready for swimming.