UPPHO UltraPure High Output Starter Ballast Power Supply Kit (1008036)


The UPPHO UltraPure High Output Starter Ballast Power Supply Kit (1008036) contains the tridonic transformer for the Ultrapure Ozonator System. This starter and ballast power supply kit works only for the UPPHO Model Ozonator.

We STRONGLY recommend replacing both the bulb and ballast / power supply kits at the same time. Ignoring this can cause an electrical malfunction and void Ultrapure product warranties.


  • 240V
  • Fits UPPHO Model Ozonator..
  • Includes (2) Starters and 1 Ballast
  • For use on *only* the Ultrapure UPPHO ozonator system (1006125).
  • Tridonic Transformer.
  • Power Supply Kit
  • Ozonators shock the pool and if all conditions are correct, can help descrease chlorine demand.

The following are the part numbers to power supply kits for all voltage and lamp sized units:

120V Part# 1008030
240V Part# 1008031

120V Part# 1008032
240V Part# 1008033

120V Part# 1008034
240V Part# 1008035

120V/240V Part# 1008036

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