Ultrapure UPP50 Replacement Lamp (3901804)

The Ultrapure UPP50 / SPP70 Replacement Lamp made by Ultrapure is used to add ozone to your swimming pool and aid the oxidation of your swimming pool water. Oxidation reduces the need for sanitizer and can lead to increased equipment longevity and fewer chemicals.

We STRONGLY recommend replacing both the bulb/lamps and ballast/starter kits at the same time. Ignoring this can cause an electrical malfunction and void product warranties.


  • Replacement Lamp / Bulb
  • Single lamp only.
  • UPP50 requires two Bulbs.
  • Also works on SPP70 units
  • 34″ long
  • Designed for pools up to 50,000 gallons.
  • AKA 3901804