Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner (Leisure Time – O)

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Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner (Leisure Time – O)

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Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner (Leisure Time – O)

This Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner by Leisure Time is a concentrated formula that deep cleans your filter to remove dirt, oil, grease and scale.


  • Use for cartridge, sand or DE filters
  • Removes oil, grease, dirt and soap
  • Works overnight


3-Month Cleaning:

1. Remove grids or cartridges from filter.
2. In a clean, plastic pail, bucket or trash can that contains 8 gallons of water, add contents of FILTER CLEAN. (This is enough solution to clean 110 square feet of filter area.)
3. Place cartridge or grids upright in solution.
4. Soak for a minimum of 3 hours. For maximum effectiveness, soak overnight.
5. Remove filter from solution. Hose off filter with high pressure nozzle and replace.

Filters should be cleaned every three months or as needed.
For maximum benefit, allow catridge to dry before reinstalling.

Chlorine, bromine and biguanide sanitizers.


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