A&A Quickpure3 4-Pin Lamp (548324)

The A&A Quickpure3 4-Pin Lamp (548324) is used to add more ozone to your swimming pool. The high output lamp will also help in the oxidation of your swimming pool water. Swimming pool owners like more oxidation, because it reduces the need for sanitizer. This can lead to increased longevity of your equipment. When your equipment lasts longer, you will need fewer chemicals.

Ozone is only partially soluble in water, but it is sufficiently soluble and stable enough so its oxidation or disinfectant properties can be fully utilized. After ozone oxidizes or disinfects, it decomposes into oxygen.


  • For Use With: QuikPure3 – Ozone Oxidation System (QP3-25(1) or QP3-50(2))
  • We recommend that you replace power supply kit as well as bulbs
  • Lamp replacement takes minutes!
  • The High Output unit comes with a 2 year pro-rated warranty
  • This bulb is NOT compatible on any other ozonator