PoolGuard Pool Door Alarm – 85 dB Horn (DAPT-2)

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PoolGuard Pool Door Alarm – 85 dB Horn (DAPT-2)

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PoolGuard Pool Door Alarm

The PoolGuard Pool Door Alarm is the perfect safety device for your family and your swimming pool. Keep children, dogs, and unwanted guests out of the swimming pool with a loud alarm that sounds as something passes through a doorway towards the swimming pool.


  • Adult pass through feature allows 15 seconds for adults to pass through the door without the alarm sounding.
  • Simple To Operate with Automatic Reset.
  • Battery Powered and Easy To Install.
  • 85 dB Horn At 10 Feet.

PoolGuard has been manufacturing pool alarms, door alarms, and gate alarms since 1982. All PoolGuard products are proudly Made in the USA. PoolGuard Door Alarms comply with all building codes and are UL Listed under UL 2017.



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