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Master Pools Large Gear (14927-0020A)

$18.95 $12.95


Master Pools Large Gear – **2 Required!!**

The Master Pools Large Gear fits Master Pools In-Floor Actuator System. If your system is continually failing, we recommend replacing the entire Gear Plate Assembly or the Internal Repair Kit.  Replacing individual gears may not resolve your issue.


  • Large gear only.
  • The price listed is for (1) item only.
  • The Actuator System requires (2) large gears per gear plate assembly.
  • Plastic Construction.
  • This item does not include the retainer rings but we do have them!
  • These gears go on the bottom of the plate.
  • This individual item does not include the washers nor the retainer rings.
  • The gears are black.

If you have questions on how to repair or replace the Master Pool System, please call our Service Department at 916-914-7800 or visit

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