Master Pools Internal Repair Kit

The Master Pools Internal Repair Kit completely replaces all the internal parts to the Master Pools In-floor system. Bring your system back up or get it working at 100% with our repair kit.

We have these items in stock and ready to ship if you have a Turbo Clean Master Pools system!


  • Fits 5 Port, side feed Master Pools In-Floor Actuator System.
  • Includes: Gear Plate Assembly (14927-0031), Impeller (14927-0006), Impeller Shaft (14927-0007A), Lid O-Ring (35505-1281), and Seat Cluster (14927-0009).
  • Replaces all the needed internals for this system.
  • Please note: The washer (38907-0011) is not included with this kit but we do have them in stock!
  • We recommend using the internal repair kit over 14927-0031 due to the extra items included in the kit.
  • All Master Pool actuators are 5-port and side-feed.
  • The gears for this system are black – if you have an A&A system, your gears will always be white or cream colored.

If you have questions on how to repair or replace the Master Pool System, please call our Service Department at 916-914-7800 option 6