Master Pools In-Floor Actuator Internal Repair Kit

The Master Pools Internal Repair Kit completely replaces all the internal parts to the Master Pools In-floor system. Bring your system back up or get it working at 100% with our repair kit.

We have these items in stock and ready to ship if you have a Turbo Clean Master Pools system!


  • Fits 5 Port, side feed Master Pools In-Floor Actuator System.
  • Includes: Gear Plate Assembly (14927-0031), Impeller (14927-0006), Impeller Shaft (14927-0007A), Lid O-Ring (35505-1281), and Seat Cluster (14927-0009).
  • Replaces all the needed internals for this system.
  • Please note: The washer (38907-0011) is not included with this kit but we do have them in stock!
  • We recommend using the internal repair kit over GPA 14927-0031 due to the extra items included in the kit (and the costs associated with them)
  • All Master Pool actuators are 5-port and side-feed.
  • The gears for this system are black – if you have an A&A or other in-floor system, your gears will always be white or cream colored.
  • Master Pools Actuator lids are clear and have the Master Pools logo sticker on top.

If you have questions on how to repair or replace the Master Pool System, please call our Service Department at 916-914-7800 option 6