Master Pools Gear Bundle

The Master Pools Gear Bundle made by Master Pools replaces all the gear in the Master Pools In-Floor Actuator System. The bundle includes (4) Small Gears, (2) Medium Gears, and (2) Large Gears. If your gears look grey due to chemical wear, if the gear is wearing or if the center shaft has warped consider replacing your internals. Get more out of your in-floor system with our gear bundle.


  • Includes (4) Small Gears, (2) Medium Gears, and (2) Large Gears.
  • Fits Master Pools In-floor Actuator Valve
  • Plastic Construction.
  • Black Color.

If you have questions on how to repair or replace the Master Pool System, please call our Service Department at 916-914-7800 or visit