Master Pools 5 Port Actuator Valve Complete – In Stock!!

The Master Pools Complete Actuator Valve now made by Pentair is the complete replacement for the Master Pools Actuator System.


  • Fits Master Pools 5 Port In-Floor System.
  • Complete Unit.
  • Side Feed
  • Five Port Valve Actuator.
  • 1.5″ Port Size.
  • This includes all internals.
  • Ready to install!
  • A&A makes a retrofit for this item but requires re-plumbing.
  • This item includes: 14927-0031, 14927-0026, 35505-1281, 14927-0007A, 14927-0006 which are everything you will need to completely replace your existing valve.

If you have questions on how to repair or replace the Master Pool System, please call our Service Department at 916-914-7800 or visit