Easycare Fountec – 64 Oz

Easycare Fountec by McGrayel is a powerful green algae remover designed specifically for fountains. Keep your fountain looking great without the hassle! A small weekly Fountec application added to fountain water becomes absorbed onto the algae and bacteria cell walls suffocating them. This product is safe for all surface types and does not require regular chlorine use. 


  • 64 oz Bottle.
  • Eradicates yellow and black algae.
  • Removes and kills were clinging or stubborn type algae with minimal brushing.
  • Fountec clarifiers water leaving it ultra-clear.
  • Non-foaming and non-staining.
  • No weekly chlorine or testing required.
  • Prevents regrowth with small weekly dose.
  • Safe for plants, birds, and animals to drink treated water.
  • Not safe for fish.