Ultrapure UPPHO Ozonator High Output Lamp (3901850)




The Ultrapure UPPHO Ozonator High Output Lamp (3901850) is used to add more ozone to your swimming pool. The high output lamp only fits the Ultrapure High Output Ozonator UPPHO Model. This high output will help increase the oxidation of your swimming pool water.

Product Includes:

  • (1) High Output Lamp


  • High Output Model!
  • The single lamp only - UPPHO only requires one lamp.
  • Fits only the UPPHO Model.
  • We recommend that you replace the power supply kit as well as bulbs.
  • Also, this unit provides a reduced air draw, which improves performance.
  • Please be aware that the Ultrapure UPP15 & UPP25 models use a different bulb (3901823). This bulb is NOT compatible with any other ozonator.

We STRONGLY recommend replacing both the bulb and ballast kits at the same time. Ignoring this can cause an electrical malfunction and void Ultrapure product warranties.

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