Taylor Sulf Acid 12N Reagent, 2 oz (R-0009-C)





The Taylor Sulfuric Acid 12N Reagent, available in a convenient 2 oz bottle with product code R-0009-C, is a crucial chemical solution used in water testing and pool maintenance. Manufactured by Taylor Technologies, a well-known name in water testing equipment, this reagent is designed to facilitate accurate and precise measurements of various water parameters, ensuring that your pool or spa water remains safe, balanced, and in compliance with water quality standards.

Key Features:

  • High Purity: This reagent is typically of high purity and quality, ensuring that it provides reliable and consistent results in water testing.
  • 12N Concentration: The 12N concentration of sulfuric acid is suitable for various water testing applications, including adjusting pH levels and determining alkalinity.
  • 2 oz Bottle: Each bottle contains 2 ounces of reagent, offering a sufficient supply for multiple tests and water treatment procedures.
  • Water Testing: The reagent is an essential component of water testing kits, particularly in the measurement of alkalinity, pH levels, and other water parameters.
  • Balanced Water Chemistry: By using the reagent to adjust pH levels and alkalinity, it helps maintain proper water chemistry and water balance.
  • Professional-Grade: This reagent is a professional-grade solution used by both pool and spa professionals and pool owners.
  • User-Friendly Application: The reagent is straightforward to use, with clear instructions provided by the manufacturer.


  1. Depending on the specific test or water treatment procedure, follow the manufacturer's instructions for using the Taylor Sulfuric Acid 12N Reagent (Model R-0009-C).
  2. Ensure that you are using the appropriate safety precautions and handling procedures when working with the reagent, including wearing protective equipment if required.
  3. Measure and dispense the necessary quantity of reagent as specified in the test instructions, ensuring accurate and precise dosing.
  4. Use the reagent to perform water tests or adjust water chemistry, following the guidelines for the specific parameter being measured.
  5. Record and interpret the test results as needed to make informed decisions about water treatment and adjustments.

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