The TAYLOR pH Indicator Solution in a pint-sized container, identified by the model number R-0004-E, is a fundamental chemical used for pH testing and adjustment in swimming pools, spas, and other water bodies. Manufactured by TAYLOR, a well-known brand specializing in water testing and analysis equipment, this solution is a key component in maintaining proper water balance and ensuring the health and safety of pool or spa users.

Key Features:

  • pH Testing: The pH Indicator Solution is used for accurately measuring the pH level of pool or spa water.
  • Pint-Sized Container: This pint-sized container provides an ample supply of the solution for multiple pH tests.
  • High-Quality Solution: Manufactured by TAYLOR, a trusted name in water testing, you can rely on the quality and accuracy of the solution.
  • Water Balance: Proper pH balance is essential for water quality and safety, ensuring swimmers' comfort and protection.
  • Easy Application: The solution can be added drop by drop to water samples for pH testing and adjustment.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use in various pool and spa types and sizes.
  • Regular Testing: Regular pH testing and adjustment are necessary to maintain water quality and prevent issues related to pH imbalance.


  1. Collect a water sample from the pool or spa that needs to be tested for pH. Typically, a water sample is collected in a clean container.
  2. Open the pint-sized container of TAYLOR pH Indicator Solution (R-0004-E).
  3. Using a testing kit or equipment, add drops of the solution to the water sample. Stir the sample after each drop to ensure even distribution.
  4. Continue adding drops and stirring until the water sample changes color, indicating the pH level.
  5. Refer to the color chart provided with your testing kit or equipment to determine the pH level based on the observed color change.
  6. Adjust the pH level of the pool or spa water as needed using appropriate pH adjustment chemicals.

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