TAYLOR 12N #9 SULF. ACID REAGENT - 16 Oz / PINT (R-0009-E)





The Taylor 12N #9 Sulfuric Acid Reagent, available in a practical pint-sized container with product code R-0009-E, is a vital reagent for accurate water testing, particularly for determining various chemical parameters in pool and spa water. Manufactured by Taylor Technologies, a trusted name in water testing and analysis, this Sulfuric Acid Reagent is used in water testing procedures to help achieve precise and reliable results.

Key Features:

  • Sulfuric Acid Reagent: This product serves as a crucial reagent in water testing processes, specifically in the context of chemical analysis.
  • Pint Container: Each package contains one pint (16 ounces) of Sulfuric Acid Reagent, providing you with a substantial supply for multiple water tests and analytical procedures.
  • High Concentration: The Sulfuric Acid Reagent is highly concentrated to ensure accurate and reliable measurements when conducting water tests.
  • Laboratory-Grade Quality: This reagent is formulated to meet rigorous laboratory standards, making it a trusted choice for professionals and enthusiasts engaged in water analysis.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for use in various water testing applications, including pH, alkalinity, and other chemical parameter tests, depending on the specific testing methods and kits.
  • Easy Integration: The reagent is typically compatible with various water testing methods, kits, and equipment, allowing for seamless integration into your testing routine.


  1. Ensure that the Taylor 12N #9 Sulfuric Acid Reagent (Model R-0009-E) is compatible with the specific water testing methods or kits you are using and that you have proper training and knowledge in using such reagents.
  2. Follow the instructions provided with your water testing kit or method to prepare your water sample for testing.
  3. As directed by your specific testing procedure, add the appropriate amount of the Sulfuric Acid Reagent to the water sample.
  4. Carry out the water test, which may include colorimetric reactions or other chemical analyses, using the Sulfuric Acid Reagent in conjunction with other necessary reagents and equipment.
  5. Interpret the test results based on the specific water parameters you are analyzing and the provided guidelines.
  6. Make any necessary adjustments or water treatment decisions based on the test results to maintain water quality and safety in your pool or spa.

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