The Taylor #1 Phosphate Reagent, identified by product code R-0980-A, is a precise and reliable solution for testing and measuring phosphate levels in your swimming pool or spa water. Phosphates are a common source of nutrient for algae growth in pool water. By using this reagent, pool and spa owners can effectively monitor and control phosphate levels, which is essential in preventing unwanted algae blooms. Taylor, a respected name in water testing and pool care, offers this high-quality reagent to help maintain crystal-clear and algae-free pool and spa water.

Key Features:

  • Phosphate Testing: This reagent is specifically designed for accurate phosphate testing, allowing you to measure the phosphate concentration in your pool or spa water.
  • Algae Prevention: Monitoring and controlling phosphate levels is crucial in preventing algae growth, which can lead to water cloudiness and pool maintenance issues.
  • Precise Measurement: The reagent offers precise and reliable results, aiding in the accurate management of phosphate levels.
  • 0.75 oz Volume: The 0.75-ounce size provides an ample supply for multiple tests and treatments, ensuring you have enough reagent on hand.
  • Easy to Use: The reagent is easy to use, suitable for both novice pool owners and experienced professionals.
  • Comprehensive Water Care: In addition to regular pool and spa maintenance, phosphate control is a crucial aspect of comprehensive water care.
  • Compatible with Test Kits: This reagent is intended for use with compatible phosphate testing kits.


  1. Begin with a clean and balanced pool or spa.
  2. Using a phosphate testing kit that is compatible with the Taylor #1 Phosphate Reagent (Model R-0980-A), follow the provided instructions for testing.
  3. Collect a water sample from your pool or spa according to the kit's guidelines.
  4. Add the reagent to the water sample as instructed by the testing kit.
  5. Carefully mix the reagent with the water sample.
  6. Observe any color changes in the sample.

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