The "SUPER-PRO ORANGE DE SCOOP (25600-006-000)" is a specialized pool and spa tool designed for the purpose of handling and distributing diatomaceous earth (DE) filter media, which is commonly used in pool filtration systems. Here's a description for this product:

The SUPER-PRO ORANGE DE SCOOP (25600-006-000) is an essential tool for pool and spa maintenance, particularly in the context of DE filter systems. This DE scoop features the following characteristics:

  1. Purpose: The DE scoop is designed for handling and adding diatomaceous earth, a fine powder filter media commonly used in DE pool filters. DE powder is added to the filter to improve water clarity and filtration efficiency.

  2. Color: It is typically bright orange, which makes it highly visible and easy to locate in your pool or maintenance area.

  3. Capacity: The scoop is designed to hold a specific amount of DE powder, allowing you to add the correct dosage to your filter system easily.

  4. Convenient Handle: The scoop often comes with a handle for easy and precise pouring of the DE powder into the filter.

  5. Easy to Clean: The scoop is easy to clean after use, ensuring that it can be used multiple times without any difficulty.

  6. Compatibility: It is suitable for use with various DE filter systems in swimming pools and spas, making it a versatile tool for pool maintenance.

  7. Pool Water Clarity: Proper use of the DE scoop ensures that the diatomaceous earth filter media is added to the filter in the correct amount, contributing to improved pool water clarity and filtration.

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