SG6402310 VC



The "SUPER-PRO 8" WHITE SUCTION COVER W/ FRAME (SG6402310 VC)" is a specific pool or spa component. Here's a description for this product:

The SUPER-PRO 8" WHITE SUCTION COVER W/ FRAME (SG6402310 VC) is a vital component designed for pool and spa systems, particularly for ensuring safe and efficient water circulation. This suction cover with frame features the following characteristics:

  1. Size: The suction cover is 8 inches in diameter, providing an adequate size to cover the suction inlet of your pool or spa.

  2. White Design: The cover and frame are white, which not only adds a clean and aesthetic look to your pool or spa but also enhances visibility for safety purposes.

  3. Suction Cover: The primary function of this component is to cover and protect the suction inlet in your pool or spa. It helps prevent debris, such as leaves and larger particles, from being drawn into the pool's circulation system.

  4. Frame: The cover comes with a frame that is designed for secure installation. It ensures that the cover is firmly in place over the suction inlet.

  5. Safety: Suction covers are essential for preventing entrapment accidents in swimming pools and spas, ensuring that swimmers or bathers do not come into direct contact with the suction inlet.

  6. Compatibility: This suction cover with frame is typically designed to be compatible with various pool and spa systems. It can be used with different types of pools and spas.

  7. Durable Material: The components are often made from durable materials, which are resistant to water and weather-related wear and tear.

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