The SUPER-PRO 7"x7" Anthony Skimmer Basket (B-39) is an essential component of a swimming pool's skimmer system, designed to efficiently capture and hold debris and contaminants that may accumulate on the pool's surface. Here's a detailed description of its key features and benefits:

  1. Skimmer Basket Functionality: The B-39 basket is a key element of a pool skimmer system, which is responsible for removing debris, such as leaves, twigs, insects, and other particles, from the pool's surface water. It prevents these materials from sinking to the pool floor and causing water quality issues.

  2. Generous Size: This skimmer basket is generously sized at 7 inches by 7 inches, providing ample space for debris collection. Its larger dimensions enable it to hold a greater volume of debris before requiring emptying or cleaning.

  3. Durable Construction: The B-39 basket is constructed from durable and resilient materials, ensuring its longevity in the pool environment. It is designed to withstand exposure to pool chemicals, UV radiation, and the daily wear and tear associated with pool maintenance.

  4. Efficient Debris Collection: The basket is engineered with fine mesh or perforations that effectively capture both large and small debris particles. This ensures the skimmer system efficiently removes a wide range of contaminants from the pool's surface.

  5. Easy Maintenance: Maintaining the B-39 skimmer basket is a straightforward process. When it becomes full, it can be easily removed from the skimmer housing, emptied of debris, and cleaned. Regular maintenance of the basket is essential for proper skimmer system function.

  6. Compatibility: The basket is designed to be compatible with Anthony skimmer systems, making it a suitable replacement or upgrade component for those specific setups. It ensures a secure fit and reliable operation.

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