The "SUPER-PRO 3/8" MPT PLASTIC AUTOFILL FLOAT VALVE (25504-000-100)" is a specific component used in pool and spa systems for automatic water level control. Here's a description for this product:

The SUPER-PRO 3/8" MPT PLASTIC AUTOFILL FLOAT VALVE (25504-000-100) is a vital part of a pool or spa's water management system, designed for maintaining a consistent water level. This float valve features the following characteristics:

  1. Size and Thread: The float valve has a 3/8" Male Pipe Thread (MPT) connection, which makes it compatible with standard plumbing fittings and hoses.

  2. Plastic Construction: The valve is constructed from durable plastic materials that are resistant to corrosion and suitable for use in aquatic environments.

  3. Autofill Function: This float valve is designed to automatically regulate the water level in your pool or spa. When the water level drops below a certain point, the float valve opens to allow water to flow into the pool, ensuring a consistent water level is maintained.

  4. Float Mechanism: The float valve uses a float mechanism that rises and falls with the water level. When the water level falls, the float drops, opening the valve. When the water level rises to the desired level, the float rises, closing the valve.

  5. Water Conservation: Automatic fill valves like this one help conserve water by preventing overfilling and maintaining an optimal water level.

  6. Versatility: This float valve can be used in various pool and spa setups to automate the water filling process.

  7. Easy Installation: The 3/8" MPT connection makes it relatively easy to install, and it can be integrated into your pool or spa's plumbing system.

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