The PoolStyle Deluxe Series 18" ABS Back Poly Pool Brush (PS166CB) is a high-quality pool cleaning tool designed to help you effectively scrub and clean the walls, floors, and other surfaces of your swimming pool. This pool brush offers several key features and benefits for efficient pool maintenance:

  1. Durable Poly Bristles: The primary feature of this pool brush is its durable polypropylene (poly) bristles. Poly bristles are designed to effectively remove dirt, debris, and algae from pool surfaces. They are gentle enough to avoid scratching the pool's finish while being tough on contaminants.

  2. 18" Width: The brush head is 18 inches wide, providing a substantial coverage area with each pass. This wide coverage allows for efficient cleaning of larger pool surfaces in less time.

  3. ABS Back: The brush is equipped with an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) back. ABS is a durable, lightweight, and impact-resistant plastic that ensures the brush's longevity and performance.

  4. Effective Cleaning: The poly bristles are specifically designed to tackle and remove dirt, algae, and debris from pool surfaces. Regular use of this brush can help prevent and control algae problems, ensuring your pool remains clean and inviting.

  5. Easy Attachment: The brush is designed for easy attachment to a standard telescopic pool pole. This allows you to extend your reach and clean even hard-to-reach areas of the pool walls and floor.

  6. User-Friendly Design: The brush's ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it easy to handle and maneuver, allowing you to clean your pool effectively without straining your wrists or arms.

  7. Versatile Use: This pool brush can be used in various pool types, including above-ground and in-ground pools, as well as on pool walls, floors, and steps. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for overall pool maintenance.

  8. Quality Assurance: PoolStyle is a reputable brand in the pool maintenance industry, known for producing high-quality pool cleaning tools and accessories. The PS166CB pool brush reflects their commitment to durability and performance.

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