PoolRx Purple/White Spa Mineral Unit - 400-1000 Gal (331055)





The spa unit contains a proprietary blend of minerals that continuously and effectively eliminate algae. The specially treated alloy cylinder is packed with PoolRx+ mineral formulation. These minerals immediately dissolve out of the cylinder and form a stable residual throughout the spa water. The minerals eliminate the algae while freeing up low levels of chlorine to be more active and productive in the water. During the spa’s filtration process the minerals are rejuvenated every time they return and pass through the cylinder. PoolRx+ minerals works synergistically with a constant low level of chlorine.


  • Treats 400 – 1000 gallons
  • Simplifies Spa Care
  • Now with: Copper + Silver + Zinc

Directions for use:

  • Clean your filter before adding the PoolRx spa unit.
  • Place the spa unit into the skimmer or stick between the filter pleats.
  • The spa unit should be added when the spa has a full run cycle to ensure the minerals dissolve out of the unit and through the filter into the whole body of water.
  • The spa should turn over it’s water volume at least 1.5 times per day.
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