Pentair's Cyanuric Acid Reagent (R161606) is a trusted and essential solution for accurately measuring cyanuric acid levels in swimming pool and spa water. Cyanuric acid, often referred to as pool stabilizer or conditioner, plays a critical role in protecting chlorine from degradation due to UV rays. Maintaining the proper cyanuric acid level is key to effective pool water sanitization.

Key Features:

  • Precise Cyanuric Acid Testing: This reagent is designed for precise and reliable measurement of cyanuric acid (CYA) levels, allowing you to ensure that your pool's water chemistry remains within optimal ranges.
  • Pint Size Container: The reagent is conveniently packaged in a pint-sized (16 oz) container, providing an ample supply for multiple tests and ongoing water quality monitoring.
  • Compatible with Testing Kits: This cyanuric acid reagent is compatible with various pool water testing kits, making it suitable for both professional pool operators and pool owners using standard testing equipment.
  • Easy to Use: With straightforward instructions, even those with limited experience in water testing can perform accurate cyanuric acid tests.
  • UV Protection: Cyanuric acid acts as a shield for chlorine, preventing it from dissipating rapidly due to exposure to sunlight. Maintaining proper CYA levels is essential for effective pool water sanitation.
  • Water Balance Control: By regularly measuring cyanuric acid levels and adjusting them as needed, you can maintain the right water balance and ensure that your pool remains safe and comfortable for swimmers.
  • Cost-Efficient: Consistent monitoring and maintenance of cyanuric acid levels can help you save on chemicals and pool upkeep costs by preventing chlorine loss due to UV exposure.


  1. Use a compatible pool water testing kit to conduct cyanuric acid tests. Typically, this involves filling a test vial with pool water and adding the cyanuric acid reagent as instructed.
  2. After adding the reagent and following the recommended testing procedure, observe the color change or other visual cues as directed in your testing kit's instructions.
  3. Compare the results to the provided chart or scale in your testing kit to determine the cyanuric acid concentration in the pool water.
  4. Adjust cyanuric acid levels as needed to keep them within the desired range for effective chlorine protection.

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