The Palintest USA Calcium Hardness Tablet 250 Pack, marked with product code AP252, is a fundamental reagent used in water testing to determine the calcium hardness levels in swimming pools, spas, and other aquatic systems. These tablets are specifically designed to work with water testing equipment and reagents to ensure accurate and reliable results. Palintest, a trusted name in water testing and analysis, offers these high-quality calcium hardness tablets to assist pool and spa owners, water treatment professionals, and laboratories in maintaining water quality and ensuring that pool and spa water remains balanced and safe for swimming.

Key Features:

  • Calcium Hardness Testing: These tablets are intended for the precise and consistent measurement of calcium hardness levels in water.
  • 250-Pack: The container includes 250 tablets, ensuring a sufficient supply for numerous water tests.
  • High Purity: The tablets are formulated with high-purity reagents to provide reliable and accurate results.
  • Easy to Use: Designed for ease of use, the tablets dissolve quickly and completely when added to a water sample.
  • Compatible with Water Testing Equipment: These tablets are designed for use with compatible water testing equipment and reagents, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of water testing.
  • Critical Water Parameter: Calcium hardness is a crucial parameter in water chemistry, impacting water balance and the overall quality of pool and spa water.
  • Professional and DIY Use: Suitable for both professional water treatment experts and DIY pool and spa owners who conduct their water testing.


  1. Start with a clean and balanced pool or spa.
  2. Using water testing equipment that is compatible with the Palintest USA Calcium Hardness Tablets, follow the manufacturer's instructions for testing.
  3. Collect a water sample from your pool or spa, following the provided guidelines and volumes.
  4. Add the appropriate number of calcium hardness tablets to the water sample as directed by the testing equipment's instructions.
  5. Gently stir or mix the water sample to ensure complete dissolution of the tablets.
  6. Observe any changes in the water sample, such as color or turbidity.
  7. Use the results provided by the testing equipment to determine the calcium hardness level in your pool or spa water.

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