ORENDA TECHNOLOGIES SCALE & METAL CONTROL is a specialized water treatment product designed for swimming pools and spas. This quart-sized container, labeled as SC-1000-QT, contains a powerful formulation that helps prevent and control the buildup of scale and metal staining in your pool or spa, ensuring water quality, equipment protection, and overall pool maintenance.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Scale Prevention: This product is formulated to prevent the formation of scale deposits on pool and spa surfaces. Scale typically develops due to high levels of calcium and other minerals in the water. By inhibiting scale formation, it helps preserve the condition of pool equipment and surfaces.

  2. Metal Stain Control: ORENDA TECHNOLOGIES SCALE & METAL CONTROL is effective in controlling and reducing metal staining, which can occur when metals such as iron and copper are present in the pool water. Metal stains can mar the appearance of the pool and spa surfaces.

  3. Enhanced Water Clarity: The product contributes to improved water clarity and overall water quality. By preventing scale buildup and metal staining, it ensures that your pool or spa water remains visually appealing and inviting.

  4. Preventative Action: This treatment is not only a remedy for scale and metal issues but also serves as a preventive measure. Regular use can help maintain water quality and equipment longevity.

  5. Easy Application: Adding the product to your pool or spa is straightforward. Simply add the recommended amount directly to the water, making it a convenient addition to your pool maintenance routine.

  6. Compatibility: ORENDA TECHNOLOGIES SCALE & METAL CONTROL is compatible with various pool and spa types, including chlorine, saltwater, and mineral pools, making it versatile for different water treatment needs.

Directions for Use:

  1. Shake the container well before use.

  2. Refer to the product label for specific dosage instructions, as the amount of SCALE & METAL CONTROL needed may vary based on your pool or spa's size and water conditions.

  3. Add the recommended amount of the product directly to the pool or spa water, distributing it evenly.

  4. Run the circulation system to facilitate the dispersion of the product throughout the water.

  5. Regularly monitor your pool or spa water quality and adjust the dosage as needed, following the guidelines provided on the product label.

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