Hayward Navigator Pro In-Ground Suction Side Cleaner F/ Gunite (925ADC)





Get a pristine pool with the Hayward Navigator Pro In-Ground Suction Side Cleaner F/ Gunite (925ADC)! Its innovative SmartDrive® technology enables it to move through your pool quietly and systematically, so that not only is the floor clean, but even walls* and coves. And powered by your existing filtration system - without any additional cost of an energy booster pump - all debris will be captured for easier maintenance. With this automatic suction cleaner, get sparkling results in no time!


  • For more than three decades, our suction cleaners have been delivering consistent and dependable performance with a proven track record.
  • The revolutionary turbine-drive system provides supremely tranquil operation.
  • The SmartDrive® preprogrammed steering pattern provides a superior level of intelligent coverage, focusing on the pool floor, walls*, and coves with an exclusive design.
  • Guided by programmed maneuvers, the hose effortlessly steers the cleaner around your pool, eliminating any tangling issues.
  • Enhanced vacuum wings’ and skirt designed for efficient debris pickup and constant suction power.
  • Enjoy your pool in peaceful harmony, free from the noise of pulsating hoses and clattering parts.
  • Installing this product is so simple that it takes less than 10 minutes - no tools are required to connect to your skimmer or suction port!
  • Leveraging the existing filtration system, this product does not require an additional booster pump.

*Wall climbing capability and pool coverage may be affected by specific pool shapes and surfaces. The cleaner may not climb the wall under certain conditions.