HASA Inc Spa pH Increaser, available in a 2-pound container with product code 89122, is a fundamental product for maintaining the optimal pH balance in your spa or hot tub. Manufactured by HASA Inc, a trusted name in water treatment and pool/spa maintenance, this pH increaser is designed to help raise the pH level of your spa water, ensuring that it falls within the recommended range for safe and comfortable spa use.

Key Features:

  • pH Adjustment: This spa pH increaser is formulated to effectively raise the pH level of your spa or hot tub water.
  • 2-Pound Container: Each package contains 2 pounds of the pH increaser, providing you with an ample supply for multiple treatments and ongoing pH control.
  • Balanced Water: Proper pH balance is essential for spa water as it impacts water comfort, sanitizer effectiveness, and equipment longevity.
  • Easy Application: The pH increaser is easy to apply to your spa water, allowing you to quickly adjust the pH level as needed.
  • Preventative and Corrective: You can use this product both preventatively and reactively to maintain pH balance and address pH issues in your spa.
  • User-Friendly: HASA Inc Spa pH Increaser is user-friendly and compatible with most spa water treatment programs, ensuring easy integration into your spa maintenance routine.


  1. Ensure that HASA Inc Spa pH Increaser (Model 89122) is suitable for your spa or hot tub, particularly if you need to adjust the pH level.
  2. Measure the current pH level of your spa water using a reliable water testing kit.
  3. Refer to the product label for the recommended dosage of pH increaser based on your spa's water volume and the desired pH adjustment.
  4. Add the specified amount of pH increaser to your spa water. It's typically best to add the pH increaser gradually and directly into the water while the spa's circulation system is running.
  5. Allow the spa water to circulate and mix thoroughly to ensure even distribution of the pH increaser.
  6. Re-test the pH level after about 6-8 hours to confirm that it falls within the recommended pH range.

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