HASA INC Hi-Temp Foam Out in a pint-sized container (Model 87121) is a high-quality, effective solution for combating foam formation in swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. This foam suppressant is manufactured by HASA INC, a trusted name in pool and spa maintenance products. Foam in pool or spa water can be caused by various factors, including the use of certain chemicals, detergents, or contaminants. HASA's Hi-Temp Foam Out is specifically designed to rapidly eliminate and prevent the formation of foam, restoring water clarity and making your pool or spa more enjoyable for relaxation and recreation.

Key Features:

  • Foam Suppression: HASA INC Hi-Temp Foam Out effectively suppresses foam in pool and spa water, rapidly improving water clarity.
  • Pint Container: This product is available in a convenient pint-sized container, providing enough foam suppressant for multiple applications.
  • High-Temperature Performance: As the name suggests, Hi-Temp Foam Out is designed to work effectively in high-temperature pool and spa environments.
  • Manufacturer Trust: HASA INC is known for manufacturing high-quality pool and spa maintenance products that pool owners and professionals rely on.
  • Easy Application: Applying the foam suppressant is straightforward, and it quickly goes to work to eliminate foam.
  • Prevents Reformation: Hi-Temp Foam Out not only eliminates existing foam but also helps prevent its reformation.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for use in various pool and spa types, including hot tubs and high-temperature water environments.


  1. Ensure that the pool or spa water is at the correct temperature for the product to be effective.
  2. Shake the pint-sized container of HASA INC Hi-Temp Foam Out well before use.
  3. With the pool or spa pump and circulation system running, slowly pour the foam suppressant directly onto the foam-covered areas.
  4. The product will quickly disperse and eliminate the foam.
  5. Monitor the water to ensure that the foam does not reappear. If foam does re-form, you can reapply the product as needed.

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