Easycare Fountec Fountain Algaecide & Clarifier (Various Sizes)



8 oz.64 oz.


Powerful Green Algae Remover 

  • Eradicates yellow and black algae
  • Removes and kills clinging or stubborn type algae with minimal brushing
  • Water clarifiers leaves water ultra-clear
  • Non-foaming and non-staining
  • No weekly chlorine or testing required
  • Prevents regrowth with small weekly dose
  • Safe for plants, birds, and animals to drink treated water
  • Not safe for aquatic life



Kills all types of algae and prevents regrowth in decorative fountains, water gardens, tabletops, and birdbaths. Fountecs' cationic polymers also super-clarify water. 

Special Instructions

Should Algae persit repeat visible algae dosage everyday, to further assist in algae and biofilm removal, shock foutain with household bleach.

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