CMP 8-3/8





The CMP 8-3/8" Spring-Lock Skimmer Weir, identified by the model number 25141-440-000, is a crucial component of pool and spa skimmer systems. Manufactured by CMP, a well-known brand in the pool and spa industry, this skimmer weir plays a vital role in the efficient operation of skimmer systems. It ensures that debris and contaminants are effectively collected from the water's surface, contributing to the overall cleanliness and clarity of your pool or spa.

Key Features:

  • Skimmer Weir: The skimmer weir is a hinged flap that is installed within a pool or spa skimmer opening. It allows water to flow into the skimmer while preventing debris from re-entering the pool.
  • Spring-Lock Mechanism: This weir features a spring-lock mechanism that helps maintain a secure and effective seal when the skimmer is not in use.
  • Size: The weir has a width of 8-3/8 inches, making it suitable for a variety of skimmer designs.
  • Durable Construction: CMP products are known for their durability, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable performance.
  • Effective Debris Collection: The weir assists in collecting leaves, debris, and contaminants from the pool or spa's surface, contributing to cleaner water.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various skimmer systems used in swimming pools and spas.


  1. The CMP 8-3/8" Spring-Lock Skimmer Weir (25141-440-000) is designed to be installed within a pool or spa skimmer. It should be placed in the skimmer opening where it functions as a hinged flap.
  2. The spring-lock mechanism helps secure the weir in place when the skimmer is not in use, preventing debris from floating back into the pool.
  3. As water is drawn into the skimmer, the weir allows it to pass through while preventing larger debris from entering.
  4. Regular maintenance of the skimmer, including cleaning the weir and removing collected debris, is essential to ensure effective skimmin

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