CMP 3'X6





The CMP 3'X6" LIP WHITE NATURAL WONDERS WATERFALL, identified by the product code 25577-330-000, is an exquisite and functional water feature designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and ambiance of your swimming pool or spa. This waterfall creates a stunning visual effect while providing the soothing sound of flowing water, elevating the overall pool and spa experience.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Elegant Design: The Natural Wonders Waterfall is crafted with an elegant and timeless design, featuring a 3-foot width and a 6-inch lip. Its white finish complements a variety of pool and spa styles, adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.

  2. Relaxing Water Flow: The waterfall is designed to create a gentle, cascading water flow. The soothing sound of falling water contributes to a calming and relaxing pool or spa environment, making it an ideal addition for leisure and unwinding.

  3. Aesthetic Enhancement: Beyond its auditory appeal, the waterfall serves as a captivating visual focal point. It adds an attractive element to your pool or spa area, making it more inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

  4. Durable Construction: The Natural Wonders Waterfall is typically constructed with durable materials that withstand exposure to pool chemicals, sunlight, and water. This ensures long-lasting performance and aesthetics.

  5. Easy Installation: The waterfall is designed for straightforward installation, making it accessible to both pool professionals and homeowners. It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing pool or spa design.

  6. Customizable Flow: Depending on your preferences, the water flow can often be adjusted, allowing you to tailor the waterfall's effect to create the desired atmosphere in your pool or spa area.

Directions for Installation:

  1. Consult the manufacturer's installation instructions, as specific installation methods may vary based on your pool or spa design.

  2. Typically, the waterfall is installed at the desired location, and water plumbing is connected to the waterfall unit.

  3. Secure the waterfall in place, ensuring it is level and stable.

  4. Connect the waterfall to the pool or spa's water circulation system, adjusting the flow as desired.

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