BIOLAB INC Spa Cleanse Weekly, available in a quart-sized container and identified by the model number 14230NCM, is a specially formulated product designed for the weekly maintenance of spas and hot tubs. Manufactured by BIOLAB INC, a respected name in pool and spa maintenance products, Spa Cleanse Weekly is an essential addition to your spa care routine. This product is designed to help prevent common spa water issues, such as the buildup of organic contaminants, oils, lotions, and other residues. Regular use of Spa Cleanse Weekly ensures that your spa remains clean, clear, and inviting for relaxation and enjoyment.

Key Features:

  • Weekly Spa Maintenance: Spa Cleanse Weekly is designed for regular use as part of your spa maintenance routine.
  • Quart-Sized Container: The quart-sized container provides enough product for several weeks of use.
  • Prevents Organic Buildup: This product is effective in preventing the accumulation of organic contaminants, oils, lotions, and other residues in spa water.
  • Enhances Water Clarity: By reducing common spa water issues, Spa Cleanse Weekly helps maintain water clarity and quality.
  • Easy Application: The product is simple to use and can be added directly to your spa water.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various spa types and sizes, as well as different water treatment methods.
  • Trusted Manufacturer: BIOLAB INC is known for producing high-quality spa and pool maintenance products, ensuring effective and reliable results.


  1. Ensure that your spa's water is balanced and within the recommended parameters.
  2. Shake the container of Spa Cleanse Weekly before use.
  3. With the spa's circulation system running, add the recommended amount of Spa Cleanse Weekly directly to the spa water.
  4. Continue to operate the spa's circulation system to help disperse the product effectively.
  5. Regularly monitor and maintain water balance, sanitizer levels, and other spa parameters to ensure optimal water quality.

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