BIOLAB INC POOL PERFECT + PHOSFREE is an all-in-one pool treatment solution provided in a 3-liter (101.5 fluid ounces) container, identified by the product code 15131NCM. This product combines the benefits of two essential pool treatments, Pool Perfect and Phosfree, to enhance water quality, clarity, and overall pool health.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Treatment: POOL PERFECT + PHOSFREE is a multi-functional product that addresses various pool water issues. It combines the clarifying and enzyme-based benefits of Pool Perfect with the phosphate-reducing properties of Phosfree.

  2. Water Clarification: The product contains advanced clarifiers that enhance water clarity by removing particles and impurities. This results in sparkling, crystal-clear water, contributing to a more inviting and enjoyable swimming experience.

  3. Enzymatic Action: Pool Perfect's enzyme formula helps break down and digest organic contaminants found in pool water, including oils, lotions, and other debris. This reduces the risk of cloudiness and the need for excessive cleaning.

  4. Phosphate Reduction: Phosfree effectively reduces phosphate levels in the pool water. Phosphates serve as a nutrient source for algae, and by lowering them, you can prevent and control algae growth.

  5. Algae Prevention: By reducing phosphates and eliminating organic contaminants, the product helps prevent the growth of algae in your pool. Algae can cause water discoloration, slippery surfaces, and the need for increased sanitizer use.

  6. Cost-Effective: Using POOL PERFECT + PHOSFREE as part of your pool maintenance routine can help you save on the costs associated with increased chemical treatments and manual cleaning to combat algae and cloudy water.

  7. Easy Application: Adding the product to your pool is straightforward. Simply add the recommended amount directly to the pool water, making it a hassle-free addition to your pool maintenance routine.

  8. Compatible with Various Pool Types: POOL PERFECT + PHOSFREE is suitable for use in different pool types, including chlorine, saltwater, and mineral pools. It is versatile and can be incorporated into various pool maintenance routines.

Directions for Use:

  1. Shake the container well before use.

  2. Refer to the product label for specific dosage instructions, as the amount of POOL PERFECT + PHOSFREE needed may vary based on your pool's size and water conditions.

  3. Add the recommended amount of BIOLAB INC POOL PERFECT + PHOSFREE directly to the pool water, distributing it evenly.

  4. Run your pool's circulation system to ensure thorough distribution of the product.

  5. Regularly monitor your pool's water quality and adjust the dosage as needed, following the guidelines provided on the product label.

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