Bio-Dex #300 Tile Cleaner - Quart (BD300)





This product works by applying directly to calcium deposits and allowing to dwell for a period of time determined by a test application. Cleans oil and dirt quickly and effortlessly.

300 Tile Cleaner Features

300 Tile Cleaner removes calcium buildup on tile and other non-porous surfaces by allowing to dwell. Oil, grease and dirt is removed quickly.

300 Tile Cleaner Instructions

300 Tile Cleaner is a professional strength cleaner and needs to be used by those willing to read and follow the directions on the label for a successful application. Gloves and goggles should be worn and product applied in small sections. (test application needs to be done first to determine suitabilty and length of time to leave on to effectively remove calcium deposits. It is recommended to use the Protect-All Supreme treatement first to soften the scale and make tile cleaning a much easier process.

Tips from the Pro’s:

Tip from Mike:  Mix the 300 Tile Cleaner with Plaster White ‘n Brite (4 to 1) ratio in a non-metallic container (especially good for vertical spillway)  and apply a thick coat of product directly to the scale deposits in a single direction using a foam brush applicator.  Allow to dwell, scrub and repeat as needed.

Download the Safety Data Sheet

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