Easycare Beautec for Spa's - 12 oz. (80603)





Beautec® - Continuously Keeps Spa Surfaces and System Clean, Pristine and Looking Beautiful.

Purpose:  Monthly spa surface cleaner and scale-stain-scum preventative – add directly to spa water.

Product Overview: Beautec® cleans and protects spa surfaces from calcium, scaling minerals, metal stains and oily scum build up. Beautec® also continuously cleans and purges spa lines. Beautec’s® polymers are environmentally friendly and very gentle on your skin, eyes and swimwear. Monthly dosages of Beautec® provides continuous cleaning action and keeps your spa looking like new.


  • Multi-scale and multi-stain preventative and remover.
  • Constantly removes and prevents oil-scum build up on all surfaces without need for enzymes.
  • Prevents biofilm buildup.
  • Continually purges and cleans plumbing lines.
  • Protects and keeps spa heater and filter unit free from mineral scale..


  • Multi-task scale-stain-scum treatment eliminates need for other maintenance products to keep spa surfaces and equipment protected.
  • Continuously cleans spa surfaces, tile, equipment and salt generator.
  • Keeps spa looking surfaces in pristine condition and looking beautiful.
  • Beautec’s® cleaning polymers are environmentally friendly and very gentle on your skin, eyes and swimwear.

How it Functions:

Beautec's® advanced Synertec® formulation combines a blend of high-performance polymers that utilize a complex mechanism of threshold inhibitors, crystal modification and sequestration to accomplish effective preventative and ongoing removal of all mineral scales, deposits, stains, and scum on pool surfaces. Beautec's® exceptional performance is due to its extreme chlorine stability.

Directions for Use:

Initial dosage: Add 2 fl. oz. of Beautec® (60 ml) per 500 gallons.

Monthly follow-up: Add 1 fl. oz of Beautec® (30 ml) per 500 gallons.


The addition of Spatec® spa water treatment with this product may cause some temporary cloudiness. This is not harmful and it’s due to the water minerals reaching equilibrium and may take up to 24 to 48 hours to clear. The spa can be used immediately after treatment.

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