APB Thio-Trine - Chlorine / Bromine Neutralize, 20 OZ ; 2-pack (40OZ) (401115)





The APB Thio-Trine Chlorine/Bromine Neutralizer (401115) is a highly effective solution for addressing elevated chlorine or bromine levels in your swimming pool or spa. This 2-pack of 20 oz bottles provides a convenient and reliable way to quickly reduce chlorine or bromine levels, ensuring the water is safe, comfortable, and suitable for swimming.

Key Features:

  • Chlorine/Bromine Neutralization: The Thio-Trine formula is designed to efficiently neutralize excess chlorine or bromine in pool and spa water, helping you maintain the ideal water balance.
  • 2-Pack Convenience: This product includes two 20 oz bottles, offering a total of 40 oz of neutralizing solution, allowing for multiple applications or adjustments.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for use in both residential and commercial pools and spas, ensuring that water quality remains within the desired parameters.
  • Fast-Acting: Thio-Trine works quickly to reduce chlorine or bromine levels, providing prompt results and allowing swimmers to safely re-enter the water sooner.
  • Easy Application: The product is easy to apply, typically requiring you to pour the recommended amount into your pool or spa water and circulate it for thorough mixing.
  • Water Balance Maintenance: Maintaining appropriate chlorine or bromine levels is essential for water balance, swimmer comfort, and overall pool and spa water quality.
  • Reliable Performance: APB is a trusted brand known for producing high-quality pool and spa maintenance products, ensuring that this neutralizer delivers effective and reliable performance.


  1. Test your pool or spa water to determine the current chlorine or bromine levels.
  2. Follow the recommended application guidelines provided on the product label or instructions.
  3. Pour the appropriate amount of Thio-Trine neutralizer into your pool or spa water while the circulation system is running.
  4. Allow the neutralizer to thoroughly mix with the pool or spa water, which typically involves running the pool pump and filtration system.
  5. Re-test your water to ensure that chlorine or bromine levels are within the desired range for safe and comfortable swimming.

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