The Alkalinity Tablet Reagent, available in a box containing 250 tablets with product code AP188, is a fundamental tool for water testing in various applications, including swimming pools, spa maintenance, water treatment, and industrial processes. These tablets are designed for testing and measuring the alkalinity of water, a critical parameter for maintaining water quality and balance. The use of these reagent tablets ensures accurate and consistent results in your water testing procedures.

Key Features:

  • Alkalinity Testing: The reagent tablets are specifically formulated for measuring the alkalinity of water, a crucial factor in water quality assessment.
  • Box of 250 Tablets: This packaging includes 250 tablets, providing a substantial supply for numerous testing sessions and applications.
  • Precise Results: The reagent tablets are designed to deliver precise and reliable results, making them an essential tool for water analysis and maintenance.
  • Easy to Use: The tablets are simple to use, requiring minimal preparation and no specialized equipment for testing.
  • Broad Applications: These tablets are suitable for a wide range of applications, including pool and spa water testing, industrial processes, and water treatment procedures.
  • Accurate Water Balancing: Monitoring and adjusting alkalinity levels are essential for maintaining proper water balance and preventing issues such as corrosion, scale formation, and pH fluctuations.
  • Convenient Storage: The tablets are typically stored in a compact and easy-to-access container for convenience and long-term use.


  1. Ensure that the testing equipment you are using is clean and in proper working condition.
  2. Add a sample of the water you wish to test to the testing apparatus.
  3. Drop one Alkalinity Tablet Reagent into the sample of water.
  4. Observe any changes in the color of the water or any reactions that may occur as a result of the tablet's dissolution.
  5. Refer to the testing equipment's instructions or the tablet's packaging for guidance on interpreting the test results.
  6. Based on the results, take appropriate actions to adjust the water's alkalinity levels if needed, following established water treatment and maintenance protocols.

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