The A&A Manufacturing Style 2 Complete Cleaning Head is a complete replacement head for an A&A in-floor cleaning system. The high flow model is best suited for swimming pool bottoms, while the low flow model is for steps. This product contains the head internal, floor-fitting, riser, and cover.

 Products Includes:

  • (1) Internal Head
  • (1) Floor-fitting
  • (1) Riser
  • (1) Cover
  • High Flow Model - 7/16" (Meant for Swimming Pool Floor) and Low Flow - 1/4" is Meant for Swimming Pool Steps.
  • This product requires a three-pronged tool (522079, see below) for installation and removal, sold separately.
  • Also known as TurboClean or MagnaSweep head internal.
  • Available in Black, Tan, Gold, and Grey.
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