A&A Manufacturing Adjustable G4 Venturi HP Cleaning Head



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The A&A Manufacturing Adjustable G4 Venturi HP Cleaning Head (569678) is a revolutionary high-performance cleaning head that incorporates the power of a laminar flow path design that changes the way you circulate and clean your pool. Available on new pools, this cleaning head can also be retrofitted onto existing systems. Its design significantly reduces pump speeds, lower operating pressures, increase overall system performance, and save more than 50% on existing energy costs.


  • (1) High Performance Cleaning Head Internal


  • Adjustable Flow.
  • High-Performance Version (More Flow & Cleaning Power).
  • Better system filtration.
  • Cleaner and healthier water.
  • Increased heating efficiency.
  • Creates more even chemical dispersment.
  • Reduced maintenance needs.
  • Available in Black (569678), Dark Blue (569723), Dark Grey (569686), Euro Blue (569731), Gold (569715), Light Grey (569740), Tan (569694), and White (569707).
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