Poolmaster / Poolstyle Professional Series 5-Way Test Kit (22341)





THIS TOP OF THE LINE deluxe testing kit features a thick, DELUXE acrylic square-style test block that gives you crystal clear readings. The integrated color chips are ample in size and sit deep inside the block to ensure a clear and accurate view of the SIX color-correct readouts. The square filling vials are large with embossed indication and fill-line markings in black for no-guess usage. As a deluxe addition, BROMINE levels are featured directly on the front of the block.


  • Test Kit Solutions Are Produced in the USA!
  • For maintaining proper water chemistry
  • Tests for Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Acid Demand, and Total Alkalinity
  • High-Grade DELUXE ACRYLIC test block in large square design features easy-read fill indicators with matching caps to solutions
  • Six XL COLOR CHIPS are built in for a clear front readout
  • Includes 1oz. solutions of #1-#3 and 1/2oz. solutions of #4 – #5
  • (Note: #2 Phenol Red is not the same as Phenol Red – DO NOT interchange)
  • #2 Phenol Red is for use with 5-Way Test Kits and Phenol Red is for use with 2 or 3-Way Test Kits
  • Note: The #1 solution is sealed to comply with transportation regulations. No other solutions in this kit require sealed caps.
  • Comes complete with polyethylene case


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