Is Building a Pool in Northern California in late summer or fall a Good Idea?

The idea of waiting until the end of summer or fall to install a new pool might sound odd to some people, but there are several benefits to making this decision. While this might not be the most popular choice with your family, it can be a great way to save time and money while minimizing the potential for delay. As an experienced Northern California pool builder, Geremia Pools and Landscaping is more than willing to work with you and your schedule.

However, here are a few benefits you should consider by having your pool installed in the late summer and fall.

Avoid the Rush!

As you are probably aware, spring to mid-summer are very busy times for pool contractors. It is during this time that the most requests come in for work to be done because families are ready to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature. It is also a busy time at your local permitting authority – many people choose this time of year to tackle large scale construction and renovation projects on their homes. Due to the increased demand for work, materials, and permits, the overall project time frame can increase dramatically. If you are interested in saving money and time, late summer and fall is a much better season to have your pool installed.

Learn More

By avoiding the spring and summer rush, this will give you the chance to really learn all the aspects of your new pool or spa before swim season. Knowing how your pool functions and the best way to maintain the water will save you hundreds of dollars in long-term maintenance and repair costs.

You will have the time to learn more, and by the time spring arrives, you will be a water chemistry expert!

Sidestep Weather Delays

Waiting is also a great way to avoid any weather issues that can be a nuisance during spring to mid-summer months. By building later, the weather will be more stable and you can avoid the chances of extra rain (winter) or a 100 degree+ day (mid-summer). Your pool construction will progress much more quickly, and as an added bonus, dry weather construction can decrease potential issues and keep unexpected costs down.

In Any Season- a New Pool is Always a Good Idea!

These reasons are just a few of the benefits you can receive should you decide to wait a few months. However, we truly believe that a new pool is a good idea in any season!

At Geremia Pools and Landscaping, we are more than willing to install your new spa, swimming pool and landscaping project any time you are ready. If you prefer spring, mid-summer or even winter construction, we are here to help! Every season carries its own set of benefits.

When you are ready to create your custom designed backyard experience, give us a call!


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