Dreaming of a tropical lagoon style pool?

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Pool Design Trends:  Have you ever dreamed of the chance to create a tropical lagoon style pool in your backyard?

Whether you are renovating an existing swimming pool or putting together plans for a new pool, now is the time to make those dreams a reality with these pool design trends. It only takes a handful of design elements to transform a standard pool design into a tropical oasis. You will feel like you’ve left home and been transported to your favorite tropical destination. As you create a tropical lagoon style pool, consider the following design features.

Planters with Tropical Plants

Make sure to choose tropical plants that will best fit your current landscaping and personal preferences. Popular options for tropical pool plantings include palm trees, princess flowers, hibiscus and bird of paradise. Consider planting lush vines throughout the yard that can grow over fences and tree trunks to complete the tropical look for the landscaping. If you need help, ask your pool builder’s landscaping team.

Fountains and Waterfalls

There are a wide variety of pool fountains or bubblers available, with something for everyone. The shape and size of the pool will largely determine the options that will work best for your particular pool. Think about adding a waterfall, grotto or even a water/fire feature to give the tropical feel you’re after. Consider space, lighting and budget when choosing the right water feature for your design. It is best to discuss the options with an experienced pool builder.

Travertine Deck

Travertine is a classic paver option for tropical lagoon style pools. It can be cooler on the feet than concrete, brick, flagstone, slate and bluestone. Its timeless beauty endures for many years without risk of cracking or damage. It is slip resistant, even when it is wet, making it an excellent option for homes with children or elderly family members.

Wading Pool or Spa Area

Many tropical lagoon style pools feature a wading pool or spa area. Wading pools can be separate areas from the pool, or simply a shallow beach entry or tanning ledge. One of the best aspects of adding this wading pool is the versatility that it brings. A wading pool is a safe area for young children to use while still getting to hang out with the family. Once the kids are a little older, it is easy to transform it into a spa area for adults.

Bridges and Stairways

If you have a pool with multiple levels (i.e. a waterfall or spa that spills over into the main pool) or have the space for larger pool features, you may want to consider adding a bridge and/or stairway. There are a variety of stone, concrete and wood options available for both features.

If you have always desired a tropical or lagoon style backyard, contact Geremia Pools & Landscaping today to get your custom design started!

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