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Open your Pool – The 5 Most Important Steps

What are the most important steps to take when it comes time to “open your pool” or get it ready for the swim season? What do you need to do and where do you start?

We have put together the 5 most important steps to help you prepare your swimming pool safely and correctly. Take a look at how easy it can be:

1.Pool Chemicals and Safety

Safety is important: You pool chemicals should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, taking care to place them not above eye level, but still out of reach of children and animals.

Make sure all chemical containers are closed tightly.
*Never store liquid chemicals above powder or solid chemicals, and never store oxidizers next to acids.

2. Check the Equipment Pad

The Pad: Take a good look at everything on the pad. Evaluate the foundation, pool pump and filter for cracks and breaks. Also check the drainage area around the equipment pad, and verify the pressure gauge found on the pool filter reads “0” when off.

Make sure the electrical wire components on the filter, pump and heater are not frayed.

Clean the heat exchanger on your pool heater before lighting.

Warning: If anything is worn out, leaking, fraying or broken, be careful!  Make sure to replace your equipment or call your local pool professional for assistance.
(In Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas, call us at 916-914-7800)

Around the Swimming Pool: Walk around your swimming pool looking for any cracks in the pool deck, pool finish and any other pool parts.

Deck Equipment: If removed for winter, take out your equipment (pool ladders, diving boards, step rails) and re-install them.

Pool Cover: First, remove any water, leaves or debris on the pool cover with a shop vacuum or broom; make sure whatever you use is not too sharp or heavy.

Carefully remove the winter pool cover. Clean with soap, water and a soft brush or a “winter cover cleaner” solution. Allow the winter pool cover to thoroughly dry and when ready, roll up the cover and store in a dry place.

3. The Pool Water

Water: Clean, skim and vacuum any dirt and debris from your swimming pool. We recommend a pool brush (Poolstyle 18” Brush) to brush the walls and floor, as this will help break up the dirt and allow your filter to remove it.

Pro Tip: Make sure to turn your valves to pull water in from your bottom drain(s). This will help the filter collect dirt and debris on the floor of your pool. Don’t forget to turn valves back to standard operating positions

If the water is low (or drained) fill your swimming pool until the water is halfway up the tile line.

Turn on the power to your pump and filter (if you turned them off), and check for any leaks or drips.

Pro Tip -Trim trees and shrubs around the swimming pool, so you don’t have to worry as much about falling leaves and debris.

4. Test the Water

Testing is everything: Test your swimming pool water with a kit (recommended) or test strips to check for balanced water chemistry.
*We offer free water testing at our location in Sacramento, CA.

Check all of the following:
pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Free Chlorine, and Metals.

Depending on your levels, adjust pH, add algaecide, pool shock and any other necessary chemicals as needed.

Once your pool water is balanced, add the proper amount of sanitizer to your water (i.e. chlorine or bromine). We recommend using GLB Chlorine Sticks and Supersonic Cal-Hypo for your chlorine needs.

5. Turn on Your Pool

It is time to turn on your pool:
Be sure to let it run for at least 24 hours before using, as this allows the water to be filtered and purified and the pool chemicals to work properly to sanitize your swimming pool. (Note: if your water is not in balance or is visibly dirty, refrain from getting in until it has cleared up and within the ideal ranges).

After 24 hours, retest the pool water to make sure the chemicals are balanced.
(Make sure your filter pump runs long enough to completely filter all of your water every 24 hours. This will depend on pool volume (gallons), pump, filter size, and other varying factors.)

If everything is on point, congratulations! You have successfully opened your swimming pool.

If you have any issues with the pool opening process or equipment failure, call our Service Department (at 916-914-7800) or your local pool professional.

We can answer any pool related question, send out a certified technician to help you, and even perform a “Spring Tune-Up”.

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Happy Swimming!